A Handful of Happiness: How a Prickly Creature Softened a Prickly Heart

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Author: Vacchetta, Massimo

Brand: Rodale Books

Color: Sky/Pale blue

Edition: Illustrated

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Number Of Pages: 192

Release Date: 10-07-2018

Details: Product Description You never know just what will change your life. Massimo Vacchetta, an Italian veterinarian, provides expert care for large animals—cows, horses, sheep. One day, a friend asks him to help care for something much smaller: an orphaned baby hedgehog. Only a few days old and so very alone, Massimo is struck by her helplessness and connects with her in a way he’s never connected with any other animal. He names her Ninna.    Soon, another sick hedgehog lands in his lap. And then another. As Massimo finds these hedgehogs who need his help, he finds himself—and the true meaning of compassion.   While his other prickly patients are healed and released, Massimo continues to dote on Ninna like a child, constantly fretting about her health and happiness, not ready to say goodbye. But the cage that once kept her safe soon becomes a prison, and as much as it breaks Massimo's heart to let her go, he knows she longs to be free.   Through this life-affirming story of a man and his hedgehog, we learn that there’s no such thing as too small an act, if it’s done out of great compassion and love. Review "This sweet tale of companionship is sure to resonate with animal lovers" --Publishers Weekly "The book... offer[s] a message about the power of small acts of kindness." --The Wall Street Journal  About the Author Massimo Vacchetta has worked as a large animal veterinarian for 20 years. Two years ago he opened "La Ninna," a shelter and rehabilitation center for hedgehogs. He is the chairman of the association Centro Recupero Ricci “La Ninna”, whose mission is the protection of hedgehogs and their environment.  Antonella Tomaselli is a journalist, blogger, environmentalist, and lover of animals. A true dog person, she has written and directed several documentaries of her canine friends. She is an active propagandist against the abandonment of pets, and has published many books and specialized articles on different dog breeds. Jamie Richards is a translator based in Milan, Italy. She holds an MFA in Literary Translation from the University of Iowa and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon, and her translations include works by Igiaba Scego, Matteo Bussola, Ermanno Cavazzoni, Giovanni Orelli, and Zerocalcare. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. INTRODUCTION   The pages ahead tell a story that’s true to its core: the story of Massimo Vacchetta and his hedgehogs. I met Massimo by chance—though who knows, maybe nothing happens purely by chance—and immediately wanted to write about him. About his hedgehog world and La Ninna Hedgehog Rescue Center. I wrote a two-page feature for a weekly magazine I contribute to called Confidenze tra amiche. The response was enthusiastic.   Then came a request from publisher Sperling & Kupfer: “Can we make this into a book?” And here it is. Massimo told me everything over hours, days, weeks, and months on the telephone. As he talked, he looked after his hedgehogs—our phone conversations did not distract him from their care for a single minute. I, on the other hand, just listened attentively, so as not to miss anything. Even to the words he did not say. And especially his feelings, in all their light and shadow, so as to convey them to you, the reader. Trying not to use a filter of my own. I tried my best, but sometimes the heart, in secret, slips in, and you don’t even notice.   Like him, I have loved animals since I was little. My husband and my son have, too. We have four dogs: Luna, Mare, Blu, and Mostrilla. And a ginger cat who comes to visit us every day. Charmed, we always welcome him with open arms. His name is Pimky. We also have fifteen goldfish in a pond we built ourselves. Some frogs have made homes there, and their croaking fills the air every summer.   We’ve never seen hedgehogs in our garden, but we’re sure they come out and scamper around at night.   But back to Massimo. If every person on this earth is uniq

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