Beating the Odds: Raising Academically Successful African American Males

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Author: Hrabowski, Freeman A.

Brand: Oxford University Press, USA

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 256

Release Date: 02-04-1998

Details: Product Description Today, young Black men are more likely to be killed or sent to prison than to graduate from college. Yet, despite all the obstacles, some are achieving at the highest academic and professional levels. Beating the Odds tells their remarkable stories and shows us what African American families have done to raise academically successful sons, sons who are among the top two percent of African American males in terms of SAT scores and grades. The result of extensive and innovative research, Beating the Odds goes beyond mere analysis--and beyond the relentlessly negative media images--to show us precisely how young Black men can succeed despite the roadblocks of racism, the temptations of crime and drugs, and a popular culture that values being "cool" over being educated. By interviewing parents and children from a range of economic and educational backgrounds and from both single and two-parent homes, the authors identify those constants that contribute to academic achievement and offer step-by-step guidance on six essential strategies for effective parenting: child-focused love; strong limit-setting and discipline; continually high expectations; open, consistent, and strong communication; positive racial identity and positive male identity; and full use of community resources. The proof of the effectiveness of such strategies is in the sons themselves, who speak eloquently in these pages about their struggles and successes in both the classroom and the often hostile world that surrounds it. Essential reading for parents, teachers, and school administrators, Beating the Odds offers insight, guidance, and hope for anyone concerned about the plight of young African American men and the society they live in. From Booklist Hrabowski leads a trio of University of Maryland scholars who describe their institution's science program to enhance the higher educational prospects of high-school-age black American men. (Hrabowski writes that his group is working in a comparable program for young black females.) The cornerstone of success, for anyone of any race, is family stability and support. For the nuances of this in the black context, the authors interviewed sons and parents, representing about 50 families, enrolled in an intensive college-prep curriculum in math and science. They extensively quote their subjects' experiences in child raising, separating those of the fathers, the mothers, and the sons. Summarizing their anecdotes, the authors endorse such time-proven attitudes as valuing achievement, reading constantly and widely, and working hard. The authors' main audience is educational professionals (footnotes abound), but students will still be able to identify with, and hear echoes of themselves in, the individual testimony that forms the bulk of this work. Gilbert Taylor Review "Beating the Odds is a thoughtful examination of what parents and others who care for and about African-American males (and all children) can do to ensure that they succeed in school and in life."--The Washington Post "Beating the Odds is a crucial book.... For black parents concerned about their son's academic achievement it is crucial reading, as it is for everyone concerned about the general decline in American education."-- the Sun "Can any American look at the dreadful number of young, Black men we are losing and not feel shame and horror? In this fascinating study, often in the words of the young people and families interviewed, we are reminded that every child can and must be given the tools for `beating the odds.'"--Marian Wright Edelman, President, The Children's Defense Fund "Students will still be able to identify with, and hear echoes of themselves in , the individual testimony that forms the bulk of this work."--Booklist "Beating the Odds offers guidelines as well as specific examples that will be valuable to educators and parents who want to promote excellence in their children...the parents whose voices are h

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