Blood Sisters: A Novel

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Author: Corry, Jane

Brand: Penguin Books

Color: Black

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 368

Release Date: 04-12-2018

Details: Product Description Three little girls. One accident. A lifetime of lies. From the bestselling author of The Dead Ex. Three little girls set off to school one sunny morning. Within an hour, one of them is dead. Fifteen years later, Kitty can't speak and has no memory of the accident that's to blame. She lives in an institution, unlikely ever to leave. But that doesn't keep her from being frightened when she encounters an eerily familiar face. Art teacher Alison looks fine on the surface. But the surface is a lie. She's struggling to make ends meet and to forget the past. When a teaching job at a prison opens up, she takes it, despite her fears. Maybe this is her chance to set things right. Then she starts to receive alarming notes; next, her classroom erupts in violence. Meanwhile, someone is watching both Kitty and Alison. Someone who never forgot what happened that day. Someone who wants revenge. And only another life will do. . . Review Praise for Blood Sisters: “Addictive . . . It’ll keep you guessing until the very end.” - -HelloGiggles “Secrets are gradually revealed in a plot that twists to the very end. . . nicely sustained psychological suspense.” --Booklist “Gripping, intense and masterfully crafted.”“Engrossing.” --Publishers Weekly “Compulsive, edgy, and with some fabulous twists that I didn’t see coming!”  —B.A. Paris,  New York Times bestselling author of  Behind Closed Doors Praise for My Husband's Wife: “Full of twists and turns, [ My Husband's Wife] draws you into its complicated world within the first chapter, and it doesn't let you go until you've turned the final page. Corry's talented storytelling and brilliant writing make even the most seemingly obvious aspects of the novel appear in surprising ways. A must-read book for fans of the kind of psychological thrillers that have been all the rage.”  –Bustle  "[ My Husband's Wife] nicely fits into the psychological suspense genre that’s riding a slipstream of popularity, thanks to the success of  Gone Girl and  The Girl on the Train. . . Addictive. . . [a] seemingly unending trove of delicious disasters and deceits.”  --Washington Post  “If you loved  Gone Girl and  The Talented Mr. Ripley, you’ll love  My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry. It’s got every thriller’s trifecta: love, marriage and murder.”  --Parade "Brilliant, original and complex, with a dark triangle at its center. A compelling thriller that kept me turning the pages until the end."  --B.A. Paris,  New York Times bestselling author of  Behind Closed Doors"Lies fester and multiply, undermining intimate relationships in this psychological thriller. Corry's suspenseful debut novel is already a best-seller in the UK and is likely headed for similar success here."  --Booklist (starred review) "A devilishly devious U.S. debut. . . this swiftly moving psychological thriller offers surprises right up to the finish."  --Publishers Weekly About the Author Jane Corry is an author and journalist, and has spent time as the writer-in-residence of a high-security prison for men--an experience that helped inspire My Husband's Wife, her bestselling debut thriller. Blood Sisters is her second thriller. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. ***This excerpt is from an advance uncorrected copy proof*** Copyright © 2018 Jane Corry   1 September 2016 Alison   Careful. It’s not the size that counts. It’s the sharpness. And the angle. The blade must sing. Not scratch. I hold the piece of blue glass up to the window light. It’s the same color as the type you occasionally see in bottles lining the shelves of old-fashioned pharmacies. A nice clean cut. No sharp bits that need trimming, which is always tricky. So easy to get splinters of glass in your skin or on your clothes. Or in your mind. Now for the acid test. Does the glass fit the lead outline? My heart always starts to beat wildly at this stage, as though it’s a matter of life or death. Silly

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