Down Size: 12 Truths for Turning Pants-Splitting Frustration into Pants-Fitting Success

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Author: Spiker, Ted

Number Of Pages: 288

Release Date: 16-10-2014

Details: Product Description Ted Spiker may be the coauthor of numerous bestselling diet and health books, but the man just can’t resist a good burrito. Or a bad burrito. (He’s also eaten a 76-ounce steak, asserted that his wife’s post-pregnancy jeans were the best-fitting pants he ever wore, and was asked by his own childhood doctor if his “feminine shape” embarrassed him at the beach.) In Down Size, Ted takes readers on an inspiring, candid, and comical journey, exploring the art and science of weight loss through his own struggles as a pear-shaped man in a not-so-pear-shaped world, with research about food, exercise, and the psychology of losing weight. He reveals twelve truths about successful weight loss, in areas such as temptation, frustration, nutrition, and inspiration. Some truths: • Redefine the Definition of Data • Leave Behind Your Extra Gland • Think Process, Not Outcome • Train Shorter, Train Harder  Combining science, personal stories, expert interviews, and advice, Down Size is an entertaining, field-tested, and research-based look at how men and women can finally find the body they want. Review “I love this book. Diet books aren’t supposed to be page-turners, but this is. Diet and health books aren’t supposed to make you laugh or cry, but you will. You will also learn how Ted found his motivation, and how he can help you, too. I love it.” —Michael F. Roizen, MD, co-author of the YOU: The Owner’s Manual series   “Finally! A perspective on the most important part of fitness and weight loss: the part that occurs between in the ears! Down Size marries the mind-body processes that we all must confront in our health and wellness journey.  This is the book you need to read if you have ever or will ever do anything requiring physical AND mental commitment. Inspiring, informative and insightful!” —Jennifer L. Ashton, MD, author of Your Body Beautiful   “I always wished someone would write this book. Ted Spiker will help change your body in simple, realistic, and effective ways you wish you would have known about sooner.” —Adam Bornstein, author of Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha   “If health and diet writing is a vast wilderness -- and take it from me, it is -- then Ted Spiker is the best guide you could ask for. Using his 12 hard-learned truths as signposts, Ted hacks through dense jargon, steers us clear of hype, and keeps us amused along the way. Best of all, snacking is encouraged.” —Mark Remy, author of The Runner's Rule Book   “Ted Spiker is a guy you'll want to have on your team, whether it's tug-of-war, Tough Mudder, or just trying to make sense of the ‘tips and tricks’ that weigh us down when we're trying to live a simpler, but healthier life. In Down Size, Ted shares his vulnerable, hilarious, and ultimately insightful experience on taking the scale -- and himself -- head on. And he will inspire you to do the same.” —James Beckerman, MD, author of The Flex Diet About the Author Ted Spiker is co-author of the bestselling You series with Drs. Mehmet C. Oz and Michael Roizen and the bestselling Abs Diet series with David Zinczenko. An associate professor of journalism at the University of Florida, Spiker has worked as an editor at  Men’s Health magazine, writes for many magazines, and is the author of Big Guy Blog for He lives in Gainesville, Florida. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Introduction: Easier Said Than Done As I scrolled through the comments on my semester’s-end evaluations (the place where students can rate their professors anonymously), I stopped the cursor on one sentence. In its brevity, it whispered among the hundreds of other observations. In its content, it sounded like a stadium full of cowbells, amplifying the angst I feel every burger-loving day. Most students use the rating system to praise or slam the class, the readings, or the instructor, but one person, under the heading “Additional Comments,” had noted, “Wear slacks that aren’t as baggy.”

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