Five-Carat Soul

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Author: McBride, James

Brand: Riverhead Books

Color: Multicolor

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 336

Release Date: 25-09-2018

Details: Product Description One of The New York Times' 100 Notable Books of 2017“A pinball machine zinging with sharp dialogue, breathtaking plot twists and naughty humor... McBride at his brave and joyous best.” —New York Times Book ReviewFrom the New York Times bestselling author of The Good Lord Bird, winner of the 2013 National Book Award for Fiction, Deacon King Kong, and Kill 'Em and Leave, a James Brown biography.   The stories in Five-Carat Soul—none of them ever published before—spring from the place where identity, humanity, and history converge. They’re funny and poignant, insightful and unpredictable, imaginative and authentic—all told with McBride’s unrivaled storytelling skill and meticulous eye for character and detail. McBride explores the ways we learn from the world and the people around us. An antiques dealer discovers that a legendary toy commissioned by Civil War General Robert E. Lee now sits in the home of a black minister in Queens. Five strangers find themselves thrown together and face unexpected judgment. An American president draws inspiration from a conversation he overhears in a stable. And members of The Five-Carat Soul Bottom Bone Band recount stories from their own messy and hilarious lives.    As McBride did in his National Book award-winning The Good Lord Bird and his bestselling The Color of Water, he writes with humor and insight about how we struggle to understand who we are in a world we don’t fully comprehend. The result is a surprising, perceptive, and evocative collection of stories that is also a moving exploration of our human condition. Review Praise for Five-Carat Soul: “These brilliant miniatures display all of the rambunctious fearlessness of [McBride's] deeply empathetic imagination... Five-Carat Soul [is] a delight.” — The New York Times Book Review “Brash, daring and defiantly original... [these] stories are bound to stay with readers for a very long time.” — NPR “A furious joy drives these glimpses of brave lives in perilous places.” — San Francisco Chronicle “Serious fun.” — Newsday  “McBride is such an agile writer that each voice feels authentic and somehow familiar. …These are stories of and from the soul.” — Minneapolis Star-Tribune “Unpredictable, exhilarating, and, often, hilarious. ... a wild and utterly delightful ride.” —BuzzFeed “Poignant, imaginative, and 'literary' in the best sense of the word.” — Christian Science Monitor “Funny, strange and touching. … McBride proves once again that he is a master conjurer of African Americana.” — Seattle Times “McBride delivers pure gold... Five-Carat Soul shakes with laughter, grips with passion and oozes wisdom.” — Shelf Awareness (starred review) About the Author James McBride is an accomplished musician and author of the National Book Award–winning  The Good Lord Bird, the bestselling American classic  The Color of Water, and the bestsellers  Song Yet Sung,  Miracle at St. Anna, and Deacon King Kong. He is also the author of  Kill ’Em and Leave, a James Brown biography. A recipient of the National Humanities Medal in 2016, McBride is also a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. 1 Buck Boy   We was rehearsing over Mr. Woo’s Grocery and Chinese Take-Out one day when the following happened: We hear gunshots. First we stop playing and hit the floor because in The Bottom you don’t know who the good guy is. Then we hear Mr. Woo shouting downstairs and we run down and see him standing over Buck Boy Robinson. Buck Boy be about seventeen years old, I guess. Don’t matter now ’cause he laying on the floor dead as a doornail. Blood is everyplace. Buck Boy, dead as he was, still got a knife in one hand and a fistful of dollar bills in the other. His hand was clutching that money tight, like he never want to let it go. Mr. Woo is a little old man who wear a yellow straw hat. Whether he’s Chinese or Korean I don’t know, but he let my band re

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