Flower Rocket As Seen On TV Butterfly/Hummingbird

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Brand: Garden Innovations


  • over 500 seeds!
  • its a never ending bouquet
  • Continous Blooming all Summer long!
  • Great for Indoor!

Details: oll Out Flowers is an easy to grow garden in a box, simply roll out, add 1/4" top soil and add water. Gorgeous blooms in 3 easy steps. Contains over 3000 premium selected flower seeds that will make your garden come to life, no tools required; no seed packets, no garden trowel, no gloves, no seed trays, no digging, no knee pads needed. No guesswork about seed spacing or depth - seeds are uniformly distributed in this 100-percent biodegradable garden. This roll out garden provides the seeds a nutritious start while supressing weed growth and encouraging quick germination. Garden can simply be cut to any size needed to fit in a specific location or even containers. Utilizing proprietary technology, this garden roll can not be over watered and retains just the right amount of moisture needed for encouraging quick germination. Garden dimensions are 10-inch wide by 10-foot long, should be planted when soil temperature is 60-Degree or higher and watered twice daily until germination occurs, then once daily thereafter. Germination starts within 10-25 days and full blooms start occuring 6-7 weeks. Flower varieities will bloom in stages. Made 100-percent in the USA and ECO friendly, this garden is perfect for the "on the go" gardener who wants that quick and easy flower garden. "Gardening has never been so easy". Blooms all summer long. Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden Pre-seeded. NEW Flower Rocket As Seen On TV Butterfly/Hummingbird. A continuous bouquet of flowers all summer long in two easy steps! Just plant and water!

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