Fret Busters: God's Peace for Your Problems Today

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Author: Lessin, Roy

Brand: Harvest House Publishers

Number Of Pages: 128

Release Date: 01-02-2015

Details: Product Description DaySpring Cards cofounder Roy Lessin offers encouragement and hope in this powerful, pocket-sized book that highlights God's love and promises to you. Both thought-provoking and fun to read, these short devotions provide unique insights and biblical truths to help you kick worry to the curb and experience joy, peace, and contentment through Jesus. What does the voice of God sound like? His voice will quiet your spirit His presence will calm you His love will sustain you Get in tune with the voice of God by listening to what the Holy Spirit is speaking through your heart. Fret Busters reminds you that God will give you the courage and faith you need to survive and thrive when troubles come. If you're struggling or looking for a deeper understanding of God and His wisdom, this book is for you. Perfect for gift-giving too. About the Author Print RunQuantity Used Totals DaySpring Cards cofounder Roy Lessin reaches more than 750,000 readers through his “Meet Me in the Meadow” blog and Facebook page. He’s authored numerous encouraging products, including gift books and greeting cards. Read his blog and join the conversation at

EAN: 9780736959070

Languages: English

Binding: Hardcover

Item Condition: New