Great Value Cappuccino Coffee and Hot Drink Single Serve Pods, 12 Count

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Brand: Great Value


  • HAZELNUT CAPPUCCINO MIX - Robust taste with the bold flavor of hazelnut in this coffee house beverage mix from the convenience of your own home
  • VERSATILE DRINK - Can be enjoyed hot or cooled with ice, used with milk or water
  • COMPATIBLE with 2.0 brewing systems
  • EACH PACK CONTAINS 12 single-serve drink-mix cups
  • KOSHER DAIRY, Artificially flavored

Details: Our Great Value Hazelnut Cappuccino Drink Mix is a robust beverage blend that combines the classic taste of smooth, creamy coffee with the bold and enticing flavor of hazelnut. Delivering a rich, aromatic cappuccino in a delightful hazelnut flavor, this beverage mix provides a perfectly soothing drink to relax with on a cool evening or in the mornings before heading out to work or class. Just add hot water to create a warm and inviting drink any time of the day. With this cappuccino mix at your ready, you'll be able to get the taste and flavor of the cappuccino from your favorite coffee shop in the convenience of your own home. Drink it hot to thoroughly enjoy the rich aroma or add ice to create a cool and refreshing drink. Our Great Value Hazelnut Cappuccino Drink Mix will surely become your new go-to for a delicious drink on the fly and will leave you craving just another sip.