In Dog We Trust

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Author: Kendrick, Beth

Brand: Berkley

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Number Of Pages: 336

Release Date: 08-01-2019

Details: Product Description From the author of Once Upon a Wine, a new novel set in the charming seashore town of Black Dog Bay, Delaware. When everything has gone to the dogs . . .  When Jocelyn Hillier is named legal guardian for the late Mr. Allardyce’s pack of pedigreed Labrador retrievers, her world is flipped upside down. She’s spent her entire life toiling in the tourism industry in Black Dog Bay and never expected to be living the pampered life of a seasonal resident in an ocean side mansion, complete with a generous stipend. But her new role isn’t without its challenges: The dogs (although lovable) are more high-maintenance than any Hollywood diva, the man she wants to marry breaks her heart, and she’s confronted at every turn by her late benefactor’s estranged son, Liam, who thinks he’s entitled to the inheritance left to the dogs. Jocelyn has worked too hard to back down without a fight, and she’s determined to keep her new fur family together. As she strives to uphold the “Best in Show” standards her pack requires, Jocelyn finds love, family, and forgiveness in the most unexpected places. Review Praise for In Dog We Trust“Kendrick creates fun and engaging characters, particularly Jocelyn….The budding romance between Jocelyn and Liam is compelling, but the story really excels when Jocelyn interacts with her hilarious best friend, Bree…a lighthearted take on family, friendship, and the importance of real, honest human (and canine) connections. Dog lovers and rom-com fans will find lots to like here. A funny and touching look at family and forgiveness—with plenty of dogs.”— Kirkus Reviews About the Author Beth Kendrick is the author of  Once Upon a Wine, Put a Ring On It,  New Uses for Old Boyfriends,  Cure for the Common Breakup,  The Week Before the Wedding,  The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service, and Nearlyweds, which was turned into a Hallmark Channel original movie. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. ***This excerpt is from an advance uncorrected copy proof*** Copyright © 2018 Beth Kendrick   Chapter 1 “Why are you running like it’s your money or your life?” Jocelyn Hillier’s runner’s high plummeted as she answered her cell phone midstride and heard her mother’s voice. “I’ve got a garage full of dirty laundry with your name on it.” Jocelyn picked up her pace, her sneakers pounding in a steady rhythm against the loose white gravel beneath the heavy gray November sky. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” “We just finished all the Thanksgiving leftovers. How do you have the energy to go for a run?” Her mother sounded incredulous. “It’s refreshing. And I have to work off three days’ worth of turkey and mashed potatoes somehow.” “If you need to burn some calories, I have enough laundry here to get you ready for the runway,” Rachel promised. “Be there in a few minutes.” Jocelyn lifted her face to catch a few stray drops of cold rain. “Just leave everything and I’ll take care of it.” Her mother’s tone sharpened. “Where are you right now?” “Running?” “Don’t play dumb. Running where?” “Um . . .” Jocelyn slowed to a walk as she tried to catch her breath. “Shoreline Drive.” “Why are you running on Rich Person Road?” “Why wouldn’t I run on Rich Person Road?” “Nothing good ever comes of mixing with the summer people.” Rachel clicked her tongue. “How many times do I have to say it?” “I’m not mixing with anyone. They all packed up and left this morning. Besides, the views are amazing and the road is dirt instead of asphalt. Much better for my knees.” Jocelyn rounded a wide bend in the road and noticed a lone pair of seasonal residents still loading up their SUV. An elderly man and middle-aged woman were attempting to coax two black Labs and a chocolate Lab into the vehicle’s cargo area with no success. The dogs dodged and darted across the driveway while the humans gave chase to no avail. She slowed her pace even more as she gazed at the house where the dogs and their owners lived. The vast, sprawlin

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