Jewish Cooking for All Seasons: Fresh, Flavorful Recipes for Holidays and Every Day

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Author: Frankel, Laura

Brand: Agate Surrey

Edition: First Trade Paper

Number Of Pages: 288

Release Date: 16-02-2016

Details: Product Description This first paperback edition of Jewish Cooking for All Seasons by Laura Frankel collects more than 150 creative, convenient, and seasonal kosher dishes. From everyday meals to holiday favorites, this book celebrates and updates Jewish cooking with innovative recipes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients. When Chef Frankel opened her first restaurant in 1999, she was driven not only by her love of cooking, but also by the desire to prove that kosher food can be as delicious and exciting as any other type of contemporary cuisine. The same goes in her own kitchen. When her family decided to keep kosher, they gave up eating pork, shellfish, and the combination of meat and dairy?but that didn’t mean they wanted to sacrifice flavor. Fresh and top-quality ingredients are key to Frankel's cooking at the Wolfgang Puck Kosher Catering and Café at Chicago's Spertus Institute. So in Jewish Cooking for All Seasons she groups 150 delicious recipes by season, allowing home cooks to create wonderful meals year-round—from spring's asparagus and goat cheese lasagna and summer's heirloom tomato salad to fall's roasted butternut squash bisque and winter's braised veal shanks with Moroccan spices. Frankel also groups recipes by holidays, providing menus for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, and more. Every recipe has make-ahead information for holiday or Shabbat preparation, plus a short introduction that includes tips, serving ideas, or information to heighten your guest's appreciation of the dish. Featuring Frankel’s signature blend of convenience and globe-spanning flavors, these recipes are designed to be kosher, yet accessible to eaters of all backgrounds. Anyone looking for fresh, seasonal meals to please family and friends on any occasion will find Jewish Cooking for All Seasons an inspiring resource in the kitchen. Review Praise for Chef Laura Frankel and her book Jewish Cooking for All Seasons: "The recipes in this book are mouthwateringly delicious. . . This exciting book thoroughly demonstrates that kosher food can be as refined as the most exquisite gourmet cuisine. This is a real winner." — Charlie Trotter "As much as Frankel has her love-hate relationship with matzo, she ends up embracing it with plenty of culinary flair." ? Jim Romanoff, Associated Press "Chef Laura Frankel, [former] executive chef at Spertus Kosher Catering in Chicago, likes to go all-out for the holiday, celebrating in high style." ? Bill Daley, Chicago Tribune Praise for Chef Laura Frankel's previous book Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes: " Laura Frankel, one of the best chefs I know, has figured out how to make comforting, long-simmering dishes part of her busy life and now part of yours. Her answer is the slow cooker; in her capable hands, it is more sous chef than gadget. Whether you keep a kosher kitchen or not, you and your family will love the wide range of sophisticated recipes in this book." ? Wolfgang Puck "Luscious dishes for the fall Jewish holidays. . . . High-quality ingredients and some attention to prep work elevate slow-cooker cooking from monochromatic blobs to holiday-worthy fare." ? Deborah Pankey, Daily Herald "Just in time for the fall Jewish holidays, Laura Frankel. . . has compiled an attractive and useful book called Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes.... easy to use, with a cornucopia of basic and exotic recipes." ? Beth Janoff Chananie, New Jersey Jewish Standard About the Author Laura Frankel is the executive chef and head of food services at the Wolfgang Puck Kosher Catering and Café at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago. She is the former chef and founder of Shallots, a kosher fine-dining restaurant located in both Chicago and New York. Chef Laura has training and extensive experience in both savory and pastry kitchens, and has cooked for such dignitaries as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, Michael Bloomberg, Al Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

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