King Dork Approximately (King Dork Series)

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Author: Portman, Frank

Brand: Ember

Color: Black

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 400

Release Date: 04-10-2016

Details: Product Description High school is the penalty for transgressions yet to be specified in the companion to the book of which John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, said, “will rock your world.” This paperback edition includes an album download and full lyrics inside! Thanks to “pending litigation” and “media scrutiny,” Tom Henderson has just been sent to a new institution of higher learning—and man is it bleak. Clearview High is filled with the nauseating odor of school spirit. Worse than the scent, though, is the total lack of Sam Hellermans, and the confusing abundance of girlfriends. The rules have all changed. Except for the part about how you can never find a drummer who can count to four. Good luck with that one.   From critically acclaimed novelist and pop-punk icon Frank Portman comes the companion to the cult classic King Dork. It feels like the first time. Like the very first time.   Praise for King Dork and King Dork Approximately   “One of the best young adult creations.” —   “[ No account of high school] has made me laugh more than King Dork. . . . Grade A.” — Entertainment Weekly   “ Impossibly brilliant.” — Time   “Provides a window into what it would be like if Holden Caulfield read The Catcher in the Rye.” — New York Post Review “A hilarious peek into the male adolescent mind . . . [and] inside this sarcastic teen is the soul of a poet who makes this comedic tale a refreshingly insightful read.”— VOYA   “Utterly enjoyable, this book’s culture-meets-romantic-confusion focus makes it a teen take on Nick Hornby's High Fidelity.”— Booklist   “Tom’s irreverent voice and sharply observed, deeply funny insights about public education and the teen social order carry the story.”— Publishers Weekly   “Portman has crafted a perceptive protagonist, whose brilliantly wry observations will keep readers laughing and whose voice is infused with an all-too-believable mix of innocence and cynicism.”— School Library Journal   “ King Dork Approximately is a smart and sardonic sequel, a book for all ages."—   “Whether you're male or female, old or young, these two books will put into words feelings that you've always struggled first to express and then to repress."—   “Sarcastic and funny, but it’s also super smart and insightful about the lives of teenagers.”— About the Author Frank Portman (aka Dr. Frank) is the author of King Dork, King Dork Approximately, and Andromeda Klein. He is the singer/songwriter/guitarist of the influential East Bay punk band the Mr. T. Experience (MTX). MTX has released about a dozen albums since forming in the mid-1980s. Frank lives in Oakland, California. Visit him online at, look for him on Facebook, and follow @frankportman on Twitter. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. LIVE WIRE I was doing the thing where you look in the mirror and try to decide if you recognize the face staring back at you. And I did recognize it. The bruises were coming along nicely, little rings of black, purple, and yellow, as if some evil hippie scientist had figured out a way to tie-dye random areas of my entire body with dark, foreboding colors, as a grim warning, perhaps, to any who dared question the sacred doctrines of recycling, organic dishwashing liquid, and the Doors. A centipede snaked across my forehead just under the hairline, the transparent legs of which, doctors had told me, would soon dissolve, leaving a legless centipede of scar tissue that would itself eventually fade to almost face color. At the moment, though, it was like a third, off-center eyebrow of fishing line. My hair, as I’ve already explained, was too short to cover the centipede in front, which was unfortunate, but looking on the bright side, I supposed it would allow me to test the conventional wisdom that chicks dig scars. I couldn’t resist stroking it. “We shall see, my little centipede,” I whispered. “

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