Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me

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Author: Portes, Andrea

Brand: Harperteen

Number Of Pages: 400

Release Date: 06-06-2017

Details: Product Description The bestselling author of Anatomy of Misfit and The Fall of Butterflies, Andrea Portes, is back with another irresistible snarky heroine in Liberty.   What is a hero? Paige Nolan knows. Edward Raynes, the young man who exposed America’s unconstitutional spying techniques, is a hero, even if half the dum-dums in the country think he’s a traitor. Or Paige's parents, journalists who were captured by terrorists while telling stories of the endangered and oppressed. They were heroes, too. Were. . . or are—no one has ever told Paige if they’re still alive, or dead. Not heroes? Anyone in the government who abandoned her parents, letting them rot somewhere halfway across the world. And certainly not Paige herself, who despite her fluency in five languages and mastery of several obscure martial arts (thanks, Mom!) could do nothing to save them. Couldn’t, that is, until she’s approached by Madden Carter, an undercover operative who gives her a mission—fly to Russia, find Raynes, and discover what other government secrets he’s stockpiled. In exchange, he’ll reopen the case on her missing parents. She’s given a code name and a cover as a foreign exchange student. Who is a hero? Not Paige Nolan, but maybe, just maybe, Liberty is. From School Library Journal Gr 10 Up—Paige is a college student who has had anything but a typical life. Her journalist parents ensured she learned five languages, earned a black belt in martial arts, and acquired a healthy skepticism of American involvement in international affairs. Paige's distrust of the government is heightened with the disappearance of her parents, who were captured by terrorists. Are they even still alive? Paige may have been given the chance to find out. The catch? She is to become a spy, fly to Russia, and get close to Sean Raynes, a whistle-blower for America's spying program. The assignment gets complicated when the two begin to fall into a real relationship, only for the protagonist to discover that her ultimate directive is to kill Sean. The ending is left open for a sequel. Audiences will appreciate the multilayered plot and cultural references. Paige's misadventures through training and missions keep readers turning pages in this fast-paced spy drama. Dialogue is fresh and funny, lending an authentic voice to the unexpected heroine. No enemy is safe from Paige's brains, wit, and heart of gold. Portes deftly weaves a story of an unlikely spy, and readers will be convinced that being recruited by a top-secret government agency for a potentially deadly international mission is possible—and totally fun. Fans of Libba Bray will enjoy the sharp banter and eclectic cultural observations. VERDICT An entertaining girl-power, kick-butt, espionage romp that belongs in all libraries.—Carrie Finberg, South Park High School, PA Review “Paige’s misadventures keep readers turning pages in this fast-paced spy drama... Fans of Libba Bray will enjoy the sharp banter and eclectic cultural observations. An entertaining girl-power, kick-butt, espionage romp.” (School Library Journal (starred review)) “The young operative navigates Russian secret agents and contacts in the mob with fast-paced action and biting wit―perhaps while falling in love in the process. A fun―and even funnier―thriller.” ( Kirkus Reviews) PRAISE FOR THE FALL OF BUTTERFLIES: “[Willa’s] first-person narration is self-deprecating, deeply thoughtful, and thoroughly funny, with a sometimes-chiding direct address that pulls readers into her confidence. Snarky and painfully astute. But in a good way. ( Kirkus Reviews (starred review)) “As with Anatomy of a Misfit, Portes’s second YA novel has a seductive zaniness and almost unstoppable exuberance… Willa’s memorable voice and humor, as well as her longing to cultivate relationships that will anchor her more firmly to the world, will linger with readers.” ( Publishers Weekly) “The protagonist’s voice is vibrant and authentic… Fans of Chelsey Philpot’s Even in

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