Life Is Long!: 50+ Ways to Help You Live a Little Bit Closer to Forever

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Author: Salmansohn, Karen

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Release Date: 23-10-2018

Details: Product Description Want to live a little closer to forever? This easy to understand book will give you the cutting edge knowledge you need to help protect you against age-related diseases and dementia.   Best-selling author and wellness expert Karen Salmansohn presents a fascinating, inspiring collection of the top 50+ nutritional and psychological tools for a long and healthy life, backed by a wide range of longevity research from our world's best aging experts. You'll discover insights from the world's Blue Zones (where people live  extra long) and takeaways from fascinating studies on everything from the most healthful coffee to drink to the benefits of intermittent fasting to the dangers of hidden toxins.    Distilling the latest science into longevity practices that are quick to read and jam-packed with playful humor,  Life Is Long sheds light on intriguing questions like    * what spice improves cardiovascular health as much as aerobic exercise?    * how often should I stand up from my desk?    * how can brushing my teeth improve my heart health?    * how do I keep my chromosomes in good shape?    * and more! Review Praise for Karen Salmansohn: "Salmansohn reminds us that in life, we are in charge of our own destiny. We have the power to overcome through gratitude, humor, and courage." --Tony Robbins "Karen is an expert on psychological research studies to help you not only recover from the tough times, but also bounce back to an even higher level than your previous bests." --Tim Ferriss "Karen's writing is like Paxil without the side effects. If you've been sucker-punched by life (in other words, if you're human), Karen gives you empowering, user-friendly tips to deal with it. The very act of reading her writing will make you feel happier." --A. J. Jacobs About the Author KAREN SALMANSOHN is a happiness and wellness expert who is the author of numerous best-selling self-improvement books like Instant Happy and How to Be Happy, Dammit, with more than one million copies sold. She has studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher at Ishta Yoga; founded the DO IT healthy eating program; been featured on the Today show, The View, CNN, and Fox News; served as a columnist for, Psychology Today, CNN, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Match, and Huffington Post; and been featured in the New York Times, Business Week, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Time, Marie Claire, Fast Company, InStyle, Self, ELLE, and the New Yorker. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. INTRODUCTION Want to live to one hundred—and feel thirty? Me too! I’m a late-in-life mom, and I want to be around to dance at my son’s wedding. With this in mind, I recently promised my son, Ari, that I’d do everything I can to live to one hundred. Ari wanted me to live to two hundred, but I bargained him down to one hundred. Ari accepted my counteroffer. As a happiness and wellness expert, I’ve always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle. But after my vow to be a centenarian, I became particularly passionate about learning and practicing as many healthy habits as I could memorize and muster. *** What you hold in your hands is the handy, fast-paced, curated result of all the hours I put into researching the secrets of living both longer and younger. I wanted to snag two out of two. After all, I’m not simply interested in increasing my quantity of years on this planet; I also want to improve the quality of those years. I’ve grouped the tips in this book into two buckets: body and mind. As it turns out, longevity is linked to not only physical health but also mental well-being! The first half of the book contains the body-focused tips (colored blue in the table of contents). The second half features the mind-focused tips (in a pretty teal color!). Regardless of whatever your present age might be, I know the tools in this book will help you—because they’ve already helped me!* I definitely feel yo

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