Low-Fat Living: Turn Off the Fat-Makers Turn on the Fat-Burners for Longevity Energy Weight Loss Freedom from Disease

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Author: Cooper, Robert K.

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  • Low-Fat Living: Turn Off the Fat-Makers Turn on the Fat-Burners for Longevity Energy Weight Loss Freedom from Disease

Number Of Pages: 478

Release Date: 15-02-1996

Details: Product Description Endorsed by the Editors of Prevention Health Books. This book replaces dieting with fat-burning-- with an easy-to-follow lifestyle plan that will work for the entire family-- and dozens of mouthwatering recipes that ensure you'll never miss the fat you're skipping. All based on the very latest worldwide research. With the Low-Fat Living program, you'll steadily burn more fat 24 hours a day. And you'll realize the health bonuses immediately. * Lower your blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels * Reduce the chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer * Have less fatigue and more energy Dr. Robert K. Cooper's remarkable new program reveals the simple elements of success. * Food so delicious, you'll never long for extra fat * Exercise so easy, you can chat while you're doing it * Ways to power up for fat-burning as easily as flicking a switch * The most efficient toning techniques ever discovered Amazon.com Review Many health and fitness books offer once-over-lightly health evaluations, giving general information about getting your lifestyle in order and toning up your body a bit. Because all of these books work from the same universe of information--"Aerobic exercise gives you a stronger heart!" and "Resistance training builds muscle tone!"--the only real difference is in how clearly the authors explain the basics and how appealing they make the information. Low-Fat Living gets high marks on both counts. If you're in moderately good shape and try to watch your diet, you're not going to learn anything new here. But if you've let your health slide and you're starting to see the detrimental effects of doing so, this book is as good as any to help you get on the right track. From Publishers Weekly A cheerful, action-oriented program for lifestyle change is presented by the director of the Ann Arbor Center for Health and Fitness Excellence, who is aided by the author of America's New Low-Fat Cuisine. Reiterating that his Low-Fat Living Program is based on skillpower, not willpower, Cooper builds on the concept of switches, describing ten that turn on the body's fat burners (e.g., eating dinner early) and ten that turn off its fat makers (e.g., avoiding low-fiber meals and snacks). Throughout, the well-referenced text is brightened by numerous "Switchbreaks" sidebars advising specific tactics and lighthearted headings (e.g., "Send in the Subs"). Although exercise is well covered, and sleep and stress management get their due, the emphasis is on a diet which draws 20% of calories from fat. To this end, Cooper offers advice on grocery shopping, food preparation and dining out. Augmenting the text are original and imaginative recipes for 14 lunches and dinners and for more than two dozen whole-grain yeast breads, all with nutritional analyses. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Booklist Put aside all preconceptions about dieting and shelve everything you ever heard or read about the benefits of low-fat foods and meal skipping. Cooper has created a 10-item "to do" list--a combination of exercise and psychological and nutritional advice--that could make most New Year's weight-losing resolutions stick. No compilation of fat-reducing counsel would be complete without recipes; here, nearly 100 are divided into 14-day menus for lunch and dinner, supplemented by suggestions for restaurant dining, pantry stocking, and cooking techniques. Barbara Jacobs Review “The very best book I've ever read on the subject-- written by two health experts who are living examples of its day-to-day effectiveness for busy people. An immensely practical guide!” — Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., psychiatrist and bestselling author of Making Peace With Yourself “Inspirational-- and filled with great tips! Low-Fat Living is a book we all need to help ourselves live healthier and live longer.” — Holly McCord, R.D., Prevention magazine nutrition editor “An impressive collection of firepower for Amer

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