Men's Health The MetaShred Diet: Your 28-Day Rapid Fat-Loss Plan. Simple. Effective. Amazing.

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Author: Roussell, Michael

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Release Date: 26-12-2017

Details: Product Description When you want to lose fat, you want to lose it fast. Men’s Health nutrition advisor and weight loss expert Michael Roussell destroys the myth that healthy weight loss needs to be limited to 1 to 2 pounds per week—and gives you an all-new program to prove it. The MetaShred Diet is a science-backed, 28-day plan to lose fat and keep it off—for good! Roussell combines the latest nutrition science with an easy-to-use plan that allows people to lose up to 15 pounds in just 28 days. By discovering your personal “secret weight loss window,” you’ll learn to combine the exact right amount of calorie reduction with the ideal amount of calorie burn. We’ve taken the best parts of low-carb and low-fat diet principles to create the ideal weight loss plan. With The MetaShred Diet’s delicious and simple recipes , you can easily control your calories—so you don’t need to count them—and create the optimal hormonal environment to burn fat. The best part: you’ll lose weight and hold on to your hard-earned muscle. It’s rapid fat loss made easy. Just follow Roussell’s customizable eating plan and sample workouts from the Men’s Health brand. About the Author Michael Roussell, PhD, is a nutrition advisor and columnist for Men’s Health, an adjunct professor at Penn State University, and one of the country’s most sought-after nutrition experts. He works with a wide range of clientele including professional athletes, celebrities, and Fortune 500 executives. Dr. Roussell lives in Pittsford, New York, with his wife, Emily, and their four children. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Introduction   Recently, I caught up with a friend of mine, Jack. Like most people, Jack hadn’t really changed in appearance since the last time we had seen each other, about 8 months prior. He and I made small talk for a while, hitting on topics such as our kids’ obsession with Minecraft Story Mode, the increasing price of beef, and how summer TV is really bad. But as many of my conversations seem to go, Jack soon started asking me about nutrition and fat loss. It comes with the territory of being a PhD nutritionist and weight-loss advisor to Men’s Health magazine.   Basically, Jack was pretty frustrated. He said that he had been dieting for “as long as I can remember” but, somehow, still had 15 pounds to lose. After further discussion, Jack confessed that while he was a lifetime dieter, his compliance with his fat-loss diet was pretty bad.   This resulted in a behavior that I see in a lot of people. Because Jack was supposed to be “dieting,” he never felt like he could enjoy indulgent foods or foods in normal or even large quantities. He would feel guilty when he ate them, get discouraged, fall off the wagon, eat more, and then wait until Monday and start dieting again.   This cycle would repeat week after week, month after month. The upshot was that Jack wasn’t losing the weight he wanted to. He was burned out and discouraged because he felt like he had been dieting forever and not getting anywhere.   Sound familiar? It happens to a lot of people. And the best cure that I’ve found is an all-out blitz. In fact, it’s exactly why I wrote this book.   Jack was lost in the perpetual starting and stopping of 12-week fat-loss programs, so a shorter—and more extreme—program would be a better way for him to break the cycle and make a serious change. I told Jack about my 28-day rapid fat-loss program—the MetaShred Diet—and explained that there were three rules he would need to follow if he were going to do the plan.   1. No cheating. He needed to stick to the diet 100 percent.   2. Complete focused effort. No low-carb dieting and then a week later switching to Paleo, only to decide 3 days after that to try carb cycling. All of his efforts needed to be focused on losing as much fat as possible, as fast as possible.   3. Let people know. Telling people what he was doing would put the pressure on Jack to really m

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