My Mom Is a Foreigner, But Not to Me

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Author: Moore, Julianne

Brand: Chronicle Books

Edition: First Edition


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Format: Picture Book

Number Of Pages: 40

Release Date: 27-08-2013

Details: Product Description Bestselling author and award-winning actress Julianne Moore pays homage to all the Muttis, Mammas, and Mamans who are from another country. A foreign mom may eat, speak, and dress differently than other moms— she may wear special clothes for holidays, twist hair in strange old-fashioned braids, and cook recipes passed down from grandma. Such a mom may be different than other moms, but...she is also clearly the best. Vividly illustrated by Meilo So, this funny and heartwarming picture book about growing up in multiple cultures celebrates the diverse world in which we live. From School Library Journal K-Gr 2-Children from many cultures express their feelings about having a mother born in a different country in this confusing attempt to celebrate the immigrant experience. Moore does capture the internal conflict youngsters feel about having a parent who is different; some of the kids love the funny kinds of foods they eat and know all of the parts of the foreign songs their moms sing, while others find the food gross and the strange customs and nicknames embarrassing. Told in a clumsy verse with forced rhymes and an awkward meter, this story unfortunately falls flat. "She talks a little funny./She has an accent: it is French!/She had to learn a new language here/Because her words weren't making sense." Changes in font are distracting and introduce contradictory thoughts in the same paragraph. "We eat funny kinds of foods sometimes./I love it./It tastes gross./My Grandma made it, she taught my Mom./I put it on my toast!" So's bright watercolor illustrations, while full of multicultural characters and ethnic details, do little to clarify the speakers or complement the text. The concept is heartfelt but the author attempts to cover too many details and emotions.-Kristine M. Casper, Huntington Public Library, NYα(c) Copyright 2013. Library Journal. LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted. Review "A vividly illustrated book that celebrates different cultures in our diverse world." About the Author Julianne Moore was inspired to write My Mom Is a Foreigner in memory of her own foreign mom. Moore is the bestselling author of the Freckleface Strawberry series. She is also an award-winning actress and artist ambassador for Save the Children. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Meilo So is the esteemed illustrator of Water Sings Blue. She was born in Hong Kong and now lives in the Shetland Islands with her husband and daughter. Meilo So is herself a foreign mom.

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