Of Sand and Malice Made (Song of Shattered Sands)

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Author: Beaulieu, Bradley P.

Brand: DAW

Color: Multicolor

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 240

Release Date: 19-09-2017

Details: Product Description This standalone companion novel returns to Bradley P. Beaulieu's Song of Shattered Sands epic fantasy universe Çeda is the youngest pit fighter in the history of Sharakhai. She’s made her name in the arena as the fearsome White Wolf. None but her closest friends and allies know her true identity. But this all changes when she crosses the path of Rümayesh, an ehrekh, a sadistic creature forged aeons ago by the god of chaos. The ehrekh are desert dwellers, but for centuries Rümayesh has lurked in the dark corners of Sharakhai, combing the populace for human “jewels” that might interest her. Some she chooses to stand by her side, until she tires of them and discards them. Others she abducts to examine more closely, leaving them ruined, worn-out husks. Çeda flees the ehrekh’s attentions, but that only makes Rümayesh covet her more. Rümayesh grows violent, threatening to unmask Çeda as the White Wolf—but the danger grows infinitely worse when she turns her attention to Çeda’s friends. As Çeda fights to protect the people dearest to her, Rümayesh comes closer to attaining her prize, and the struggle becomes a battle for Çeda’s very soul. Review Praise for  Twelve Kings in Sharakhai:   Best Book of 2015 by Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BuzzFeed    “Çeda and Emre share a relationship seldom explored in fantasy, one that will be tried to the utmost as similar ideals provoke them to explore different paths. Wise readers will hop on this train now, as the  journey promises to be breathtaking.”  —Robin Hobb, bestselling author of  Fool’s Assassin   “I am impressed.... An exceedingly  inventive story in a lushly realized dark setting that is not your uncle’s Medieval Europe. I’ll be looking forward to the next installment.”  —Glen Cook, author of  The Black Company   "Fantasy and horror, catacombs and sarcophagi, resurrections and revelations: the book has them all, and Beaulieu wraps it up in a package that's  as graceful and contemplative as it is action-packed and pulse-pounding." —NPR   "Beaulieu's  intricate world-building and complex characters are quickly becoming the hallmarks of his writing, and if this opening volume is any indication, [this series] will be one of the next great fantasy epics." —B&N SF&F Blog   “Beaulieu has crafted  a rich, fascinating world, filled it with compelling characters, and blended them into an epic tale that grabbed my attention on the first page and refused to let go. I look forward to more stories of Sharakhai.”  —D.B. Jackson, author of the  Thieftaker Chronicles   “ Sumptuous and incredibly entertaining, Beaulieu has created memorable characters in a richly imagined world.”  —Michael J. Sullivan, author of  The Riyria Chronicles “Beaulieu’s new fantasy epic is filled with  memorable characters, enticing mysteries, and a world so rich in sensory detail that you can feel the desert breeze in your hair as you read.”  —C.S. Friedman, author of  Dreamwalker   “A memorable heroine, a  poetically told tale of revenge, and superb worldbuilding make  Twelve Kings in Sharakhai a splendid read.”  —John Marco, author of  The Eyes of God “ Twelve Kings in Sharakhai isn’t the same as the last epic fantasy you read. Like the desert sands of Sharakhai, this first volume of Beaulieu’s new series is a constantly shifting narrative of betrayal and friendship, loyalty and vengeance. Leave the farm boys to their chickens and the scullions to their pots, because Çeda’s bringing a knife to this fight. It’s  vivid and diverse, full of complex relationships, eye-opening magic, and world building for this new age of fantasy that’s broken out of its medieval shackles.”  —Aidan Moher, A Dribble of Ink “A lavish epic featuring gods, gangs, gladiators and everything in-between. With its deliciously original magic system, vast new world, reckless heroine and sinister array of ageless villains, this is  a must for fans of Brandon Sanderson.” —Jared Shurin, Pornokitsch   “An excellent example of what

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