Portable Air Purifier Necklace Air Purifier Anion Generator for Personal and Travel (Black)

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?Exquisite design: Air purifier the use of high-quality ABS shell material, the brush head and the recessed design around the charging port switch can effectively prevent accidental touch and keep the brush head clean and efficient. The exquisite appearance is fashionable and beautiful.

?Wide application: It can be worn on the neck, hand, bag, car, stroller, camper, or on the table or refrigerator. Enjoy completely natural and healthy fresh air. Negative ion air purifiers do not have to worry about whether the filter of the air purifier is about to be used up, and there is no need

?Low noise: The sound is very quiet during operation, will not disturb you during work or rest, and provide you with a quiet environment. Therefore, no matter you are in the crowd, in the office or at home, no matter where you are, you can enjoy quiet, clean and fresh air.

?Healthy: The air purifier necklace can produce high concentrations of ecological negative oxygen ions in the air, which is very important for regulating the sub-health state of the body. Long-term continuous use can make you start to get better sleep quality, reduce headaches, improve concentration

?Easy to use Personal air purifier, no need to replace the filter element, just keep the brush head clean, use USB to charge, it can be used repeatedly. Small and light, easy to carry. It can be used in any venue, of course it is not waterproof.