Robin Hood - Mark of the Black Arrow (Robin Hood: Demon's Bane Series)

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Author: Viguie, Debbie

Brand: Titan Books

Color: Multicolor

Number Of Pages: 368

Release Date: 04-08-2015

Details: Product Description A vast darkness is spreading. If left unchecked, it will engulf the world, and so Richard the Lionheart must depart England on a holy mission. In his absence, the safety of the realm is entrusted to his brother, Prince John.  When the king departs, black sorcery begins to grip the land, threatening noble and peasant alike. Horrific creatures stalk the forests, yet the violence they commit pales when compared to the atrocities of men. A handful of rebels fight back, but are doomed to fail unless they can find a hero to lead them. Review "I absolutely loved Robin Hood: Demon’s Bane 1: Mark of the Black Arrow, published by Titan. It is creative, fun, loyal to canon and yet thoroughly modern." - Slippery Words  "A lot of credit goes to Viguié and Tuck for crafting a more sinister version of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Impressive and daunting villains are always the best part of any story for me, and this twist towards a more demonic version of the classic baddies was refreshing." - Atomic Moo “Just when you thought you’d seen every incarnation of the Robin Hood tales imaginable, Debbie Viguie and James Tuck pull this out of the hat” -  San Francisco Book Review "Very fun." - Confessions of a Bibliomaniac "It’s more sword and sorcery than history, played straight and serious with a lot of bloodshed between its covers, but fans of dark role playing games will really enjoy it." - Entertainment Buddha "Takes no prisoners and is more than happy to show a vicious and terrifying view of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham." - Fangirl Nation  "Good and thrilling fantasy entertainment!" - Rising Shadow About the Author Debbie Viguié is co-author of the New York Times bestselling “Wicked” series, the “Wolf Springs Chronicles”, and the “Crusade” books, all written with Nancy Holder.  James R. Tuck is a professional tattoo artist and author of the Deacon Chalk, occult bounty hunter series of dark urban fantasy novels published by Kensington.

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Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

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