The Bangkok Asset: A novel (Sonchai Jitpleecheep)

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Author: Burdett, John

Edition: 1st

Format: Deckle Edge

Number Of Pages: 320

Release Date: 04-08-2015

Details: Product Description Sonchai Jitpleecheep—the brash and beguiling Royal Thai Police Force detective who has been our guide through John Burdett’s five previous acclaimed Bangkok novels—is back. The former monk and devout Buddhist, forever battling to protect his karma from the assaults of morally compromising cases, is now faced with the most horrifying technological innovation to make its way to the streets of Bangkok, and a conspiracy of almost unfathomable reach. With Sonchai on this case is the young female inspector Krom. Like Sonchai, she’s an outsider on the police force, but unlike him, she is socially savvy and a technological prodigy. When they’re called to a demonstration—in the midst of a typhoon—of the deadly, superhuman strength of an American man who is seemingly controlled by a CIA operative, they have no idea what they’re actually witnessing or why. Their reliably obtuse and unequivocally crooked boss, Colonel Vikorn, explains some of it, but the most telling questions remain unanswered: Could the Americans have figured out a way to create a physically and psychologically enhanced supersoldier? Are they testing him—or it—on Thai soil? And why is everyone, from the Bangkok police to the international community, so eager to turn a blind eye? Searching for the answers to these questions, Sonchai and Krom find themselves in a remote Cambodian jungle compound for aging American ex-soldiers, where they will discover just how far a government will go to protect its worst secrets—both past and present. But the case will also have much more personal repercussions for Sonchai, shaking his world to its very foundation and perhaps finally forcing him to confront his long-lost American father. Review “Delightfully eccentric and unpredictable . . . Sonchai is a terrific character: a devout but skeptical Buddhist with a philosophy that combines classical religion, Thai superstitions and amused pragmatism . . . Sonchai is a wise, cheeky guide through Bangkok’s baffling but fascinating mix of cultures—high and low, sexy and straight-laced, modern and traditional.” —Adam Woog, The Seattle Times “Compelling . . . The ever-appealing Sonchai, whose many-sided personality holds kaleidoscopic fascination, [will] keep series fans in thrall.” —Bill Ott, Booklist   “Wild and entertaining . . . Impressively, everything comes together for a dramatic and satisfying ending.” — Publishers Weekly About the Author JOHN BURDETT was brought up in North London and worked as a lawyer in Hong Kong. He is the author of seven previous novels, including the Bangkok series: Bangkok 8, Bangkok Tattoo, Bangkok Haunts, The Godfather of Kathmandu, and Vulture Peak.   Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. 1 These are strange times on Planet Thailand. Even Colonel Vikorn is acting out of character. He called me at around four-­thirty this morning to tell me to find my own transport to take me to a specific point on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River. “The team is already there. Sergeant Ruamsantiah will explain.” “Is it related to—­” “Not clear.” He closed his phone before I could ask what it was about, and why he would need me to meet the Sergeant at such an hour at a location some ten miles from District 8. And what team, exactly, was he talking about? And why would he choose the filthiest morning I’ve witnessed since the last typhoon season twelve months ago? And most troubling of all: why was I being distracted from the case known as the Market Murder, in which the victim has been provisionally named as Nong X? A case, after all, with my name on it. Like a dutiful serf I grabbed a pair of jeans, T-shirt, and waterproof jacket, kissed Chanya on the lips while she snored, took a peep out of the door at the sheets of rain that were flooding the street, which would be a river of brown mud in an hour or so—­and called a cab. I had to promise to pay triple before the driver would consent

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