The Best Induction Burner Recipes on the Planet: 100 Easy Recipes for Your Portable Cooktop

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Author: Sanders, Ella

Brand: Castle Point Books

Number Of Pages: 160

Release Date: 13-11-2018

Details: Product Description Make flavorful meals in minutes using your induction burner! Discover your new secret to fast results and amazing taste (even in small spaces!) with The Best Induction Burner Recipes on the Planet! Portable, versatile, and extremely safe to use, an induction burner is a must-have appliance that will significantly change the way you cook. Unlike traditional gas and electric burners, induction cooktops rely on electromagnetism to generate heat directly in your pan. The result: faster cooking time and better temperature control-without heating up your kitchen or cooking space! In this special collection of 100 mouthwatering recipes, you’ll find new, easier ways to cook classic favorites with your induction stovetop, including:• Easy Chicken Enchiladas• Pecan-Crusted Chicken Breasts• Luscious Skillet Lasagna• Decadent Chocolate Fondue• Fruit Crepes with Salted Caramel Sauce• A total of 100 tasty breakfasts, delicious dinners, sensational sides, and tempting desserts!Super-simple, step-by-step instructions in The Best Induction Burner Recipes on the Planet help you get the most out of your induction burner and make every recipe easy to prepare and share! About the Author Ella Sanders is a comfort food enthusiast who loves spending time at the table with friends and family. She shares her enthusiasm for cooking with anyone who's interested and specializes in making traditional meals with unexpected flavor and flair. Ella lives with her husband and two boys in Portland, Maine. Her cookbooks include The Ultimate Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook, The Ultimate Ketogenic Cookbook, and Copper Magic.

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