The Clancys of Queens: A Memoir

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Author: Clancy, Tara

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Edition: 1st Edition


  • Crown Publishing Group NY

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Number Of Pages: 256

Release Date: 11-10-2016

Details: Product Description A witty memoir that weaves an authentic coming-of-age tale into a bold portrait of New York’s working-class women. Fifth-generation New Yorker, third-generation bartender, and first-generation author Tara Clancy was raised in three wildly divergent homes: a converted boat shed in working class Queens, a geriatric commune of feisty, Brooklyn-born Italians, and a sprawling Hamptons estate she visited every other weekend. This childhood triptych comes to life in The Clancys of Queens, an electric, one-of-a-kind memoir.      From scheming and gambling with her force-of-nature grandmother, to brawling with eleven-year-old girls on the concrete recess battle yard of MS 172, to hours lounging on Adirondack chairs beside an immaculate croquet lawn, to holding court beside Joey O’Dirt, Goiter Eddy, and Roger the Dodger at her Dad’s local bar, Tara leapfrogs across these varied spheres, delivering stories from each world with originality, grit, and outrageous humor.   But The Clancys of Queens is not merely an authentic coming-of-age tale or a rowdy barstool biography. Chock-full of characters who escape the popular imaginings of this city, it offers a bold portrait of real people, people whose stories are largely absent from our shelves. Most crucially, it captures—in inimitable prose—the rarely-heard voices of New York’s working-class women.   With a light touch but a hard hit, The Clancys of Queens blends savvy and wit to take us on an unforgettable strata-hopping adventure. Review Praise for Tara Clancy’s THE CLANCYS OF QUEENS“ The Clancys of Queens overflows with buoyant exuberance…[and] much of its magic lies in its narrator’s frank, funny voice and evident passion for a good story…. [It’s] a winningly sunny tribute to the strong ties of kinship…[and] Clancy has the literary prowess to do it justice.”  –Elle  “The oddities of Clancy’s upbringing make for some hilarious passages, but each chapter also forms a love letter—to her parents, Grandma Rosalie, Mark, her friends and lovers…. A breezy, funny memoir with a wonderful cast of characters and a terrific sense of place.” –BookPage “Affectionate [and] well-observed.”  –Newsday “Clancy’s keen observational humor and authentic working-class New Yawkese survive the transition from stage to page as she crafts a love letter to the family that raised her…Clancy sketches these people with telling details and great affection…That Clancy’s personal chronicle is not the bright shiny output of the memoir industrial complex is somewhat of a relief; instead we get an anthropological report of a disappearing world of white, ethnic, working-class New Yorkers, and we hear from working-class women who are often silent in literature. ”–The Rumpus “Hilarious, inspiring, and that rarest of animals—a memoir full of honest good cheer…. [Clancy] writes with the confidence of a practiced raconteur….[Her life is] exceptional in its realness and resilience, and tremendous in the telling.” —Lambda Literary “Tara Clancy’s debut has it all—humor, fascinating characters, glimpses into radically different lifestyles, intergenerational strife and celebration, insightful Hamptons references—and hope, lotsa hope….This rich memoir reminds the reader that we are all many people.” —Dan's Papers “Tara Clancy delivers a memoir with warmth, truth and chutzpah that makes The Clancys of Queens a fun read. She finds the heart and life that epitomize Queens in a way that will delight both New Yorkers and outsiders alike…Clancy not only does a beautiful job rendering the different stages on which she lived her childhood, but also excels at emphasizing the dissonance between them…Clancy offers a lighthearted look at growing up among the salt-of-the-earth in America, and The Clancys of Queens does what all good memoirs do: It begins from the unique situation of a life and fans out to reveal the feelings we all share.” — “An intimate coming-of-age chronicle...[from] a sharp-tong

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