The Inseparables: A Novel

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Author: Nadler, Stuart

Brand: Little, Brown and Company

Edition: Reissue

Number Of Pages: 352

Release Date: 19-07-2016

Details: Product Description One of Kirkus' Best Books of 2016: Crisis is looming for three generations of the Olyphant family. In less than a year, Henrietta has lost her husband and nearly all of her money, and is about to lose her hard-won anonymity. After a lifetime spent trying to outrun the humiliation her own book caused her, Henrietta has reluctantly agreed to a reissue of The Inseparables, the salaciously filthy and critically despised bestseller she wrote decades earlier. At the same time, her daughter, Oona, has moved back home to the house that Henrietta needs to sell. Oona is in the middle of a divorce from her husband, Spencer, a corporate-law refugee, stay-at-home dad, and unapologetic stoner. And Oona's teenage daughter, Lydia, away at boarding school, is facing an onslaught of scrutiny and shame when a nude photo of her goes viral. The trouble only gets worse: Henrietta makes an upsetting discovery about her late husband; Oona embarks on a disastrous affair; and Lydia must deal with an ex-boyfriend who is determined to wreak havoc. Over the course of a few tumultuous days, the Olyphant women must come to terms with their past and try to reimagine their future. Incisive, moving, and wickedly funny, The Inseparables examines what happens when our most carefully constructed ideas about our lives unravel, and we begin to reinvent ourselves -- and our family -- anew. Review PRAISE FOR THE INSEPARABLES: - - "In this beguiling novel, three generations of articulate, self-aware women fall to pieces...With a fine understanding of women and a delicate wit, Nadler shepherds all three [women] through grief and humiliation and out the other side." - Kim Hubbard, People "There is much to enjoy about this book. I laughed out loud at scenes...but the most memorable moments examine the intricacies of familial love--the bonds between mothers and daughters, men and women, boys and girls...[Nadler's writing is] carefully rendered, unpretentious and always with the reader's satisfaction on the front burner." - Ann Leary, The New York Times Book Review "THE INSEPARABLES is funny and sad and so wise about so many things--sex in the modern age, feminism, food, ambition, animals, marriage, mothers and daughters. Fathers and daughters too, for that matter. Weeks after finishing this gorgeous novel, I'm still thinking about the wonderful Olyphant women in all their complexity." - J. Courtney Sullivan, New York Times bestselling author of Maine and The Engagements "It's a testament to Stuart Nadler's powers of empathy that I identified with all three generations of women in this witty and wise tale of female trouble and family mayhem." - Lucinda Rosenfeld, author of I'm So Happy for You and The Pretty One "THE INSEPARABLES accomplishes the rare feat of being both timely--this is an incisive commentary on our culture in the digital age--and completely timeless. Stuart Nadler is sharply attuned to the ironies of life and his novel is insightful, funny, and deeply moving. THE INSEPARABLES is a profound story, not just about the Olyphant women, but about America. This is proof that Nadler is one of the great novelists of our generation." - Elliott Holt, author of You Are One of Them "THE INSEPARABLES reminded me of vintage Michael Chabon in all the right ways: keenly observed, raucously funny, and poignantly painful. The masterful prose sparkles and shines. But what makes THE INSEPARABLES so damn good are the perfectly realized characters, all popping off the page in 3-D. A great, great book." - Nickolas Butler, internationally bestselling author of Shotgun Lovesongs and Beneath the Bonfire "THE INSEPARABLES is a mature, sophisticated, self-assured, deeply entertaining piece of fiction. As I read it I couldn't stop saying to myself: now this is exactly how a book should work."- Jami Attenberg, New York Times bestselling author of The Middlesteins and Saint Mazie "At turns funny, thoughtful, and heart wrenching, THE INSE

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