The Volunteer: A Novel

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Author: Scibona, Salvatore

Brand: Penguin Press

Color: Multicolor

Edition: 1st Edition

Number Of Pages: 432

Release Date: 05-03-2019

Details: Product Description "Thrilling… Scibona has built a masterpiece." – The New York Times Book Review"All of it — all of it — is just so ridiculously beautiful." – Jason Sheehan,"The rewards are enormous. This is a spectacular work of fiction." – San Francisco ChronicleA long-awaited new novel from a National Book Award Finalist, the epic story of a restless young man who is captured during the Vietnam War and pressed into service for a clandestine branch of the United States government A small boy speaking an unknown language is abandoned by his father at an international airport, with only the clothes on his back and a handful of money jammed in the pocket of his coat. So begins The Volunteer. But in order to understand this heartbreaking and indefensible decision, the story must return to the moment, decades earlier, when a young man named Vollie Frade, almost on a whim, enlists in the United States Marine Corps to fight in Vietnam. Breaking definitively from his rural Iowan parents, Vollie puts in motion an unimaginable chain of events, which sees him go to work for insidious people with intentions he cannot yet grasp. From the Cambodian jungle, to a flophouse in Queens, to a commune in New Mexico, Vollie's path traces a secret history of life on the margins of America, culminating with an inevitable and terrible reckoning. With intense feeling, uncommon erudition, and bracing style, Scibona offers at once a pensive exploration of how we are capable of both inventing and discovering our true families and a lacerating interrogation of institutional power at its most commanding and terrifying. An odyssey of loss and salvation ranging across four generations of fathers and sons, The Volunteer is a triumph in the grandest traditions of American storytelling. Review “I was blown away by Salvatore Scibona’s The Volunteer, which might be the first book I’ve ever read whose beginning made me cry. It starts with a tiny, desperate boy found at the Hamburg airport speaking an unknown language, and leads us from Latvia to Vietnam, New Mexico and Cambodia, through lifetimes and family myths, memories, upheavals and betrayals of mind and body.” — Téa Obreht, author of The Tiger’s Wife and Inland “One of the most thrilling things about The Volunteer is a refusal not just of this novelistic trend of smallness, but also of our own craven, personal brand-driven cultural moment. This novel’s question is not how a person might become himself through “finding,” but how he might lose everything, and, through losing, gain an honest apprehension of the world . . . Scibona is a savage coiner of similes, one who’ll cut sublimity with bathos to snatch a reader’s breath away: “In the night, he went out to piss, and the stars were like a kitchen mess across a dark floor.” There are also roving, lyrical long shots of Queens streets that, in their grit and dazzle, recall the boyhood Bronx of Don DeLillo’s Underworld. Like DeLillo in that book, Scibona wreaks an epic from the lives of ordinary, supposedly negligible men. His lens zooms in and out of streets, rooms, consciousnesses. It becomes kaleidoscopic during those moments in which, with sickening inexorability, a life can go wrong. . . Scibona has built a masterpiece.” —  New York Times Book Review “The rewards are enormous. This is a spectacular work of fiction . . . The Volunteer lingers in the memory, a thrilling work bursting with a love of the English language and compassion for poor, broken humanity.” —  San Francisco Chronicle "Scibona weaves a powerful multigenerational story about the disturbing journey of a family caught in the crosshairs of history.” —  The Wall Street Journal  "A searing record of war and the lies people live by, The Volunteer is also a map of an alternative America . . . Along the way Mr Scibona explores the process of forgetting, the longing to be singled out for love and the price of saying 'no' when you want to say 'yes'. He is as adept at conjuri

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