The Wanderers

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Author: Howrey, Meg

Brand: G.P. Putnam's Sons

Color: Multicolor

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 384

Release Date: 02-01-2018

Details: Product Description A brilliantly inventive novel about three astronauts training for the first-ever mission to Mars, an experience that will push the boundary between real and unreal, test their relationships, and leave each of them—and their families—changed forever.   “A transcendent, cross-cultural, and cross planetary journey into the mysteries of space and self....Howrey’s expansive vision left me awestruck.”—Ruth Ozeki “Howrey's exquisite novel demonstrates that the final frontier may not be space after all.”—J. Ryan Stradal In an age of space exploration, we search to find ourselves.   In four years, aerospace giant Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars. Helen Kane, Yoshihiro Tanaka, and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the historic voyage by spending seventeen months in the most realistic simulation ever created. Constantly observed by Prime Space’s team of "Obbers," Helen, Yoshi, and Sergei must appear ever in control. But as their surreal pantomime progresses, each soon realizes that the complications of inner space are no less fraught than those of outer space. The borders between what is real and unreal begin to blur, and each astronaut is forced to confront demons past and present, even as they struggle to navigate their increasingly claustrophobic quarters—and each other.  Astonishingly imaginative, tenderly comedic, and unerringly wise,  The Wanderers explores the differences between those who go and those who stay, telling a story about the desire behind all exploration: the longing for discovery and the great search to understand the human heart. Review "Phenomenal. A transcendent, cross-cultural and cross-planetary journey into the mysteries of space and self. . . . Howrey's expansive vision left me awestruck.”—Ruth Ozeki, author of  A Tale for the Time Being "Straddling the fine line between outer space and the world we know,  The Wanderers is a breathtakingly honest and incredibly beautiful examination of the heart and soul of humankind. . . .This is a book that isn’t like anything you’ve ever read before."   —Newsweek "Howrey subtly explores the tensions between our inner and projected selves. Thanks to her wry sense of humor, it totally works. . . .  [A]n often funny story that grows poignant in its final chapters."  —The Washington Post"Fascinating . . . a masterful psychological novel, full of rich characterization and a surprisingly gripping narrative."  —Los Angeles Times“Every single character in  The Wanderers feels distinct and vivid, a planet in his or her own right.”  —Slate The terrain explored by Meg Howrey in The Wanderers is otherworldly, but the bonds among three astronauts and the loved ones they leave behind for a 17-month mission to Mars feel earthbound and immediate . . . [through] brief, psychologically incisive chapters that drive the story forward."  —Nicole Lamy for The New York Times "Engrossing. . . . Although the contours of a space drama may seem familiar to a 21st-century readership, Howrey, through the poetry of her writing and the richness of her characters, makes it all seem new. A lyrical and subtle space opera." — Kirkus Reviews (starred review) "With believably fragile and idealistic characters at the helm, Howrey’s insightful novel will take readers to a place where they too can 'lift their heads and wonder.'" — Publishers Weekly (starred review) "Add Howrey's novel, which centers on astronauts exploring both outer  and inner space, to the list of must-consume, intergalatic art." — Nylon “Play[s] with notions of counterfeits and authenticity. . . . Is the Eidolon mission all it appears to be? Or more? The unfolding of that mystery launches this plausible space tale into higher realms of enjoyment.” —The Associated Press "[I]nventive, lyrical and immersive." — "[C]onfronts ageless questions of why humans explore, what they are looking for, and what happens when they find it. Evoking the authenticity of Neal Stephen

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