This Life Is Joy: Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly, and Happily

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Author: Teel, Roger

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Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 352

Release Date: 30-08-2016

Details: Product Description A simple, fun instruction manual for living a more joy-filled, authentic life!By one of the most admired spiritual teachers in the country, this book shows us how every moment, every experience, and every person can be an opening for our soul--to greater understanding, more peace and joy, and an overwhelming experience of love. Divided into three easy-to-use parts, this book will: - Tell a fable that puts our spiritual journey into context.  - Discuss the seven spiritual principles that are universal to all of the world's wisdom traditions, becoming a map into our purpose and destiny. - Show how nine specific challenges and difficulties (like fear, illness, and change) can be transformed into stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. Each chapter also includes three parts: the Essence, the Experience, and the Expression. The Essence gives the spiritual teaching behind each principle, the Experience tells a story, illustrating the principles from Dr. Teel's own life or the life of one of his many followers, and the Expression gives specific instructions for readers to embody that principle for themselves. Filled with advice that can only come from a lifetime of practicing these traditions, this book will be a unique and indispensable guide to people who want more from their lives. Review “Reverend Roger Teel has woven his long experience and wise ministry into this well-thought-out book about substance, relationship, and journey—and, above all, about how the spirit within us meets the spirit in the world.” —Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening   "This inspiring and powerful book overflows with life-changing spiritual lessons and timeless wisdom. Written with compassion, authenticity and eloquence, This Life is Joy is a gift to seekers everywhere.  I highly recommend it." —Barbara De Angelis Ph.D. , #1 New York Times-bestselling author of Real Moments and How Did I Get Here?   “Roger Teel has accomplished what so few authors are able to do. He doesn't just write about This Life Is Joy, he provides a road map to get you there. His detailed description of how the creative process works will give you confidence to turn your best ideas into dreams comes true. This Life is Joy is a master’s guide to living well and being happy.”    —Dr. Chris Michaels, author of The Power of You   "[ This Life is Joy] offers an inspirational sampling of metaphysical thought, stories, and advice. A natural storyteller... Teel doesn't draw from just one well; he references a wide array of wisdom traditions and spiritual thinkers, including Bible passages, Deepak Chopra, and Shel Silverstein. Teel shares valuable lessons from all corners. Teel's message remains constant throughout: all experiences can be transformed into opportunities for greater peace and joy." —Publishers Weekly “Since antiquity, wisdom teachers have guided the seeker inward because it is only there that the authentic joy of a life truly worth living can be found.  The skill lies in actualizing that joy, bringing it from the center of our being to the surface of our everyday lives. Roger Teel is, without a doubt, one of the greatest spiritual teachers and storytellers of our time; he understands the sacred connection between the heart and the head, the inner and the outer, the soul and the body...and the importance of integrating them as one. As you read This Life is Joy, know you have hired a master guide you can trust to show you the way to the joy-filled life you so richly deserve.” —Dennis Merritt Jones, author of Your (Re)Defining Moments   “When, in our ongoing quest for a better life, one finds themself seeking clarity, direction or understanding, this wonderful book This Life is Joy is the book to pick up. In this marvelous book, Roger Teel encapsulates, articulates, and describes not only the issues and the core of the missing pieces to live more powerfully, lovingly, and happily, but also the practice and processes required to over

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