Time Jumpers (5) (Five Kingdoms)

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Author: Mull, Brandon

Brand: Aladdin

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 464

Release Date: 07-05-2019

Details: Product Description Trapped in a world where magic is powerful and dreams are real, Cole’s epic adventure comes to a close in book five of the New York Times bestselling “fanciful, action-packed adventure” series (Publishers Weekly, starred review), from the author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series. Cole Randolph can barely remember what life was like back home in Arizona. It’s hard to imagine there was a time he didn’t wake up to daily threats and danger. But Cole is still determined to find a way home with his friends and to set things right in the Five Kingdoms before he leaves. That means traveling to the last of the kingdoms—Creon. It’s a place where time itself can be manipulated, where reality can bend and change. On one last death-defying mission, Cole must use everything he has learned to face a villain with powers beyond anything her has seen before. The past, present, and future are all at stake in this epic conclusions to the bestselling Five Kingdoms series. About the Author Brandon Mull is the author of the  New York Times,  USA TODAY, and  Wall Street Journal bestselling Beyonders and Fablehaven series, as well as the bestselling Five Kingdoms, Candy Shop Wars, and Dragonwatch series. He resides in Utah, in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon. Brandon’s greatest regret is that he has but one life to give for Gondor. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Time Jumpers CHAPTER 1 PRISONERS Cole could not see anything. He lay stretched across the rough wooden planks of a wagon bed, the hood over his head somewhat dampening the impact as the boards rapped against his skull. Judging from the sound of the hoofbeats and the rattling of the vehicle, they were moving briskly along a dirt road. His hands were bound together behind his back with strong, slender cords. Iron manacles encircled his ankles, biting into his skin when he tried to pull free. The coarse material against his face threatened to induce a claustrophobic panic, though he could breathe reasonably well. Unpleasant sensations assailed him—hunger, thirst, soreness, exhaustion. Having just returned from the echolands, he found ownership of a physical body startlingly unfamiliar. He had not felt hungry in a long while. Or sore. Cole had been warned before returning to his body. He knew he had been captured, along with Destiny, Honor, and Desmond. Their bodies had been left behind at the Temple of the Robust Sky when they had departed for the echolands, and their defenseless physical forms had fallen into the power of Enforcers. The prelate Elana had placed their bodies in a secret room for safekeeping. Clearly something had gone wrong. Wherever Elana was now, Cole hoped she was all right. “Hello?” Cole called, not at full volume but hopefully loud enough for any other prisoners sharing the wagon to hear. “Cole?” a voice answered, slightly muffled. It was Destiny. Tessa. Mira’s youngest sister, who he had just rescued in the echolands. “I’m here too,” Honor said, her voice clearer and louder, though somewhat dampened as well. Strong and independent, Honor was Mira’s second-oldest sister and had helped in the search for Tessa. “Desmond?” There came no reply. “Anybody else?” Honor tried. “It may just be the three of us,” Cole said. “Are you tied up too?” “Manacles on my hands and feet,” Honor replied over the creak and rattle of the wagon. “Hood over my head.” Cole wondered if he should be insulted that only his feet had actual manacles. “I can’t see either,” Destiny said. “My hands are tied. My legs are chained.” “Me too,” Cole said, deciding that he was considered a lesser threat than Honor. “Can you spring us, Cole?” Honor asked. It was a fair question. In the echolands, Cole had finally unlocked his power. His shaping ability had become inaccessible after being mangled when he fought Morgassa in Elloweer. Once his power had become active, Cole found he could awaken the shaping power in oth

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