Trapeze Bars

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Sold As A Top Crossbar and Bottom Crossbar Set- Strong and lightweight - Very easy to use - Extremely economical. - Clear satin anodized finish - Black end caps - Ships bulk packed - Top Bar of set is 2" longer than Bottom Bar ( An additional 1" on each end, from the endcap to the eyebolt / nut) - Steel eyebolts are included for top crossbars - Simply hem banners top and bottom for aluminum tubes - Multiple section units connect with solid aluminum turned bushings - Standard Eyebolt Configuration - Eyebolts on top of bar. - ​ Side Eyebolt Configuration - Eyebolts on ends of bar. Specify -SD for Side Eyebolts. Both poles are same length. Same cost as standard configuration. Note: The Side Eyebolt configuration isn’t appropriate for larger sized units BP09, BP10, BP12, BP15 or BP20. - Hanging hardware will need to be purchased separately Tube Sections and Additional Eyebolts * Models BP01 thru BP08 are Single Section Tubes * Models BP09 thru BP20 are Multiple Section Tubes * Models BP11 and BP13 have 3rd Eyebolt in center (Banner notch for graphic required). * Models 96" and longer will be in 2 sections BABY TRAPEZE BAR WIRE SETS - 3/16" diameter steel wire. - Tops have loops at each end. - Bottoms are straight cut. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE Sizes, diameters and end caps can be customized. We recommend getting samples and fully testing these products for your application. Purchaser determines suitability of all product usage and assumes all risk & liability. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be held liable for any injury, loss or damage from use of such product. Sold as a top crossbar and bottom crossbar set. Steel eyebolts are included for top crossbars