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Author: Magaziner, Lauren

Brand: Dial Books

Color: Multicolor

Number Of Pages: 304

Release Date: 06-03-2018

Details: Product Description Take the hilarious, magic-infused world of Eva Ibbotson's Which Witch, add the lovable feuding family from The Incredibles, and you'll get Wizardmatch--funny, fantastical, action-packed, and totally heartwarming. Twelve-year-old Lennie Mercado loves magic. She practices her invisibility powers all the time (she can now stay invisible for fifteen seconds!), and she dreams of the day that she can visit her grandfather, the Prime Wizard de Pomporromp, at his magical estate. Now Lennie has her chance. Poppop has decided to retire, and his grandchildren are coming from all over to compete in Wizardmatch. The winner inherits his title, his castle, and every single one of his unlimited magical powers. The losers get nothing. Lennie is desperate to win, but when Poppop creates a new rule to quelch any sibling rivalry, her thoughts turn from winning Wizardmatch to sabotaging it...even if it means betraying her family. Comedic, touching, and page-turny, Wizardmatch is perfect for fans of Mr. Lemoncello's Library, The Gollywopper Games, and The Candymakers. From School Library Journal Gr 3–6—Lennie Mercado and her brother Michael have weak magical powers inherited from their mother. They love practicing and competing to see who can stay invisible the longest. They know they come from a wizarding family, but have recently discovered that their Poppop, Prime Wizard of Pomporromp, is ready to choose a successor using a magical competition called Wizardmatch. The winner will become the next Prime Wizard and the keeper of the most powerful of the family's magic. Lennie knows she'll be competing for the title against Michael and many of her cousins, but she's certain she's a shoo-in for the job. Upon arrival at the Castle, the Mercados and their cousins find out that their arrogant, childish grandfather is changing the rules of Wizardmatch, and no one is happy. When Lennie realizes her chances at being Prime Wizard have just shrunk to almost zero, she decides to find another way to get Poppop's attention. Lots of campy humor, puns, and wordplay should make this a fun read for the upper elementary set. The plot is paced well and younger kids will delight in all of Pomporromp Castle's creatively imagined magical oddities, like the Jelly Floor, the Garden of Goulash, and a pool made of chocolate pudding. There is a strong emphasis on gender equity which gets a bit didactic and heavy-handed, and while Lennie is described as half-Filipino, that is never really explored beyond several offhand mentions. VERDICT Purchase where goofy magical fantasy is in high demand.—Mandy Laferriere, Fowler Middle School, Frisco, TX Review Praise for Wizardmatch: "A young, biracial wizard struggles between fighting for her dreams and cheering on her family in this humorous and stirring fantasy."— Kirkus Reviews"With over-the-top dialogue and an appealing cartoonish quality, middle-grade fantasy adventure fans won’t want to miss the fun, intrigue, and clever scheming at Pomporromp Castle."— Booklist "Readers who enjoy wizardry, magic, and competition will relish this book… a worthy addition to a middle grade library.”  —School Library Connection“Lots of campy humor, puns, and wordplay should make this a fun read for the upper elementary set…Purchase where goofy magical fantasy is in high demand.”  —School Library Journal Praise for Pilfer Academy: "Magaziner creates another weird and silly world that mirrors Hogwarts without the magic...A fun fantasy romp."— Kirkus Reviews "Humorous and engaging. This is an ideal choice for readers who wish boarding school books had a little more mischief."— Booklist "School-story buffs with a taste for absurd, off-kilter humor will find this a welcome addition to the mix."— BCCB Praise for The Only Thing Worse Than Witches: *"Combines Roald Dahl's Witches and Louis Sachar's Wayside School....readers will banish themselves from the ordinary world to finish this book in a flash."— Kirkus Revie

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Languages: English

Binding: Hardcover

Item Condition: New