Your Holiness: Discover the Light Within

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Author: Ford, Debbie

Brand: HarperOne

Number Of Pages: 224

Release Date: 06-03-2018

Details: Product Description Introduction by Marianne WilliamsonForeword by Arielle Ford A recently discovered unpublished work by the beloved spiritual teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author in which she reflects on the astonishing holiness that resides in each of us. "What you are seeking at the deepest level exists inside of you, in the quietude of your own inner world, in the privacy of your own sweet heart. So now it’s your responsibility, your holy responsibility, to encode your consciousness with thoughts, feelings and images that will support you in creating the perfect internal environment to cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with the one you call God. This is the force that loves you, cheers for you and wants it all for you. In a world where love leaves as quickly as it comes, you can rest now, knowing that you have found a love that will never leave you, never misguide you and never ever let you down. My advice, dear friend, is take great care of that Love. It will give you everything you’ve been looking for." On the fifth anniversary of her death and written during her long battle with cancer, Your Holiness is a thoughtful and poignant exploration of the godliness that resides in all of us. Infused with her trademark frank honesty and keen insight, it is a blueprint for recognizing and accepting our latent spirituality. Debbie combines motivational prayers with deeply personal stories about her own spiritual journey—how she struggled and eventually found her internal faith—and translates her experience into a practical path for transformation. Engaging and accessible, clear and unwavering, philosophical yet practical, Your Holiness is a gift to the soul that both guides and nourishes. At a time when so much in our world feels uncertain and suffering is widespread and persistent, Debbie’s voice is more essential than ever. Your Holiness grounds us in the here and now while delivering a timeless and empowering message of relentless love and strength. Review “Debbie Ford was a spiritual sister, colleague, and teacher to me. This book, discovered after her passing, is an extraordinary journey to higher consciousness. Read it, absorb her insights, and you may see the world as fresh, vibrant, and holy as if for the first time.” (Deepak Chopra  ) “This book is a miracle. It is drenched with all of Debbie Ford’s magic and wisdom that brings you right back into your soul. She is forever teaching us from the heavens.” (Liz Dawn, CEO of Celebrate Your Life Events) “Everyone should read this book! It not only helps you here in the physical world, but also helps to infuse and empower your soul through the grace and power of prayer!” (John Holland, spiritual medium and teacher) “This book is a pathway to the possibility of a great life through great choices that can be found through the amazing power of authentic prayer. Read this, not only once for inspiration—read this daily, for a new breath of life.” (Mary Morrissey, author The Miracle Minute  ) “Debbie Ford has done it again, Your Holiness is filled with so much grace it makes me weep deep tears of gratitude for her profound words. This book will remain on my bookshelf as long as there is breath in my body.” (Madisyn Taylor, bestselling author of the DailyOM book series) “Debbie Ford was and is one of the greatest teachers of my lifetime. May this book serve as the gift that it is, from the deeply empathic and wise soul that she was and is.” ( Alanis Morissette) “ little bits of this book every night before you sleep, and every morning when you awaken. Its beauty and truth will seep into your consciousness and fill with you with faith and strength.” (Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute) “I have known Debbie in her human life and spirit life and she insisted to me that this book be published. Use this book and open yourself to the light and compassion of the heavens.” (James Van Praagh, bestselling author and master medium) “Debbie

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